Tocquigny releases mobile app for Jeep

From Austin Biz Journal: “Tocquigny’s latest mobile phone app called TripCast was announced Thursday and serves as a sort of tech-based journal for Jeep drivers to track, share and save journeys. The tool includes the ability to upload photos, videos, audio clips and status updates on location. The trip can then be shared with friends… Continue reading Tocquigny releases mobile app for Jeep

Tocquigny Touchstone

“Tocquigny, ranked as a top interactive advertising agency by BtoB magazine,announced today it launched the Tocquigny Touchstone, a quarterly collection of innovative andinsightful articles focused on timely marketing topics. The Tocquigny Touchstonefeatures the agency`s thinking on social media and explores how recentdevelopments in social technology and the social web impact businessprofessionals of all levels.” Tocquigny… Continue reading Tocquigny Touchstone