Microsoft Bids for Yahoo – Google’s Reaction(s)

So this is not new news, but Microsoft has put in a bid to buy Yahoo. The combined company would not, in my opinion, be able to overtake Google as the most powerful search property, but it would be nice to have another player a bit closer to Google’s size/power. Google doesn’t seem to be… Continue reading Microsoft Bids for Yahoo – Google’s Reaction(s)

Yahoo Good to Google Great

Yahoo announced that it had exceeded third quarter expectations by increasing it revenue by 12% to $1.8 billion. After increased expenses from business expansions, Yahoo was left with $151 million, a 5% decrease, in profits. Yahoo! co-founder Jerry Lang said: “Moving forward, we are focused on three big, multi-year objectives: to become the starting point… Continue reading Yahoo Good to Google Great

Blogging @ eMarketing Summit

Seeing Allen Olivo, Vice President, Global Brand Marketing, Yahoo! Inc., at the Texas eMarketing summit was really cool, but hearing how Yahoo! pulled a big brain stunt at Time Square did not hit as close to home as Rohit Bhargava’s (left), Vice President, Interactive Marketing at Ogilvy Public Relations, presentation of the “10 truths of… Continue reading Blogging @ eMarketing Summit

"Nipping" @ Google’s Heals

Who’s trying to keep up with Google this week? Well, Yahoo just announced that they were in the process of buying e-mail software maker Zimbra. The hope is that the $350 million deal will allow Yahoo to increase its presence in the business and university markets. Zimbra software is currently used for self-hosted email, calendars,… Continue reading "Nipping" @ Google’s Heals