Enfatico all over again? Zoom Zoom

“WPP, the largest of the holding groups has committed to the creation of “Team Mazda,” a new unit based in southern California to handle all of Mazda North America’s marketing and advertising needs.” George Parker: The World’s Second Oldest Profession.

Good News from Enfatico

From MediaPost: “Digitas elevated GLENN ENGLER to president of the agency’s Boston headquarters. Engler, formerly executive vice president, leads the agency’s General Motors and XM accounts. Engler replaces former Boston office president TORRENCE BOONE.” So, you are thinking, why is this post titled “Good News from Enfatico”? Well, Torrence Boone getting plucked for Enfatico is… Continue reading Good News from Enfatico

Enfatico Breaks First Work – Digital Nomads

I have not seen confirmation that this is actually Enfatcio’s doing (Dell has a really strong in-house team that I know could do this without agency help.) but I give you: Digital Nomads I like the site and they’ve also incorporated Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. About Digital Nomads from the site: “Digital Nomads is… Continue reading Enfatico Breaks First Work – Digital Nomads

Enfartico Press – Pre-Exposure

Here’s a sample of the press we got before exposing ourselves: Advertising Age – Enfartico Creator Reaches Out, Touches Us – Cloaked Pay-Phone Call From SpoofsterTribble Ad Agency – Enfatico’s new office – a parking garage called enfartico.com 🙂Agency Spy – The Gastric Tones of Bizarro EnfaticoBrandRepublic – Enfatico gets spoofed as Enfartico New York… Continue reading Enfartico Press – Pre-Exposure