Enfatico – Is the End Near?

Here are some choice excerpts from a recent AdScam blog post: “the fuckers are not currently paying their employee freelancers. This has been going on for months and people are quitting.” “The douchenozzles have been reported to the Texas Workforce Commission for this practice.” “Dell has had their lawyers serve Enfatico with breach-of- contract papers,… Continue reading Enfatico – Is the End Near?

Oops I Enfaticoed My Pants

Some Enfatico Crapico from around the netico: Tribble Agency’s Enfatico Countdown Clock – Funny and I’m a bit sad I didn’t think of this first. Dave McLane: “Enfatico Douchebag” – Even funnier and I would love to hear from Dave McLane if he’s ever in Austin so he can give me his side of the… Continue reading Oops I Enfaticoed My Pants