Enfatico – Is the End Near?

Here are some choice excerpts from a recent AdScam blog post: “the fuckers are not currently paying their employee freelancers. This has been going on for months and people are quitting.” “The douchenozzles have been reported to the Texas Workforce Commission for this practice.” “Dell has had their lawyers serve Enfatico with breach-of- contract papers,… Continue reading Enfatico – Is the End Near?

More Enfatico Drivel

A few new Enfatico stories (Enfartico still gets our vote as the funniest Enfatico thing out there): Enfatico just hit the Dell fan – Dell Australia wants nothing to do with WPP Dell and Enfatico at a Standstill WPP’s Enfatico Names Talent Chief

Something Smells..It’s Enfartico!

I got an email late last night from info@enfartico.com asking me to checkout a new agency. Looks like someone is mocking the folks over at Enfatico. Enfartico Adrants take on the new “agency”: Enfatico FartsAgency Spy’s post: The Gastric Tones of Bizarro EnfaticoTribble Agnecy’s mention: Enfatico’s new office – a parking garage called enfartico.com