31 Days of the Dragon in 39 Slides – WOM Case Study

Here’s a great example of using blogs to help work search engine results in your favor. Don’t blame me for the 39 slide presentation…Buzz Corps put this all together. Word-of-mouth case study: HP 31 Days of the Dragon View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: word-of-mouth mouth)

Bazaarvoice Spreads User Content and Leprosy

Yes, you read that correctly. The user generated content wizards over at Bazaarvoice might have done a bit of leprosy spreading last week when they had guests of their summit take part in “armadillo races”. I think the most appalling example can be seen in this video of word of mouth guru Andy Sernovitz “racing”… Continue reading Bazaarvoice Spreads User Content and Leprosy

Bazaar Lands More Mula

Austin based Bazaarvoice Inc. landed a second round on funds today. Austin Ventures and Boston based Battery Ventures pooled together $8.8M that Brett Hurt, Bazaarvoice founder and CEO, said would be use to expand its product line and also grow its market presence. Prior to Bazaarvoice, Hurt founded the popular web analytics tool company Coremetrics.… Continue reading Bazaar Lands More Mula