The Name Says It All

Ok, so not all startups are having the same luck as Bazaarvoice and HomeAway. May I introduce you to… FuckedStartups “Have you ever been blindsided? … a boss give you a bad review that you never saw coming. Or more importantly, your employer tell you the companies doing great, but the next day they tell… Continue reading The Name Says It All

Brett Hurt Loves the Links and His New VP

How many links does it take to express your excitement over your new VP? Well, if you are Bazaarvoice’s CEO Brett Hurt, it takes 27. Yes, that’s right. In a recent post on Bazaarvoice’s blog, Brett includes 27 links to Bazaarvoice and external pages. Did Brett have some crazy SEO person help him with this… Continue reading Brett Hurt Loves the Links and His New VP

Business Plan? We don’t need no Tweeten’…

~”At this point, given that we have plenty of money in the bank, it makes a lot more sense not to distract ourselves with trying to put the finishing touches on a revenue plan,” says the 34-year-old (Biz) Stone, who founded Twitter with Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams in 2006.~ Twitter’s Business Model? Well, Ummmm…

Link List ilLumination #2 – AdGabber

“AdGabber is a social network for like-minded individuals in advertising, marketing and media.” This is a good site if you want to check-out industry events and they typically have a few job listing featured as well. This site is a spin-off of AdRants. (More on then at a later date.) Link List ilLuminations are posts… Continue reading Link List ilLumination #2 – AdGabber