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B2B Email Tips from Tocquigny

Whether you are marketing in the B2B or B2C spaces, your emails are more than likely reaches your customer on their mobile devices. Here are some tips from Austin-based ad agency Tocquigny.

“There’s a really good chance your emails are being read on mobile devices, and that’s not necessarily good news, said Yvonne Tocquigny, CEO of Tocquigny. ”

Main takeaways:

1. Design specifically for mobile.
2. Make subject lines shorter.
3. Watch link placement.
4. Change your call to action.

Full article: Increase mobile user interaction

Tocquigny releases mobile app for Jeep

From Austin Biz Journal:

“Tocquigny’s latest mobile phone app called TripCast was announced Thursday and serves as a sort of tech-based journal for Jeep drivers to track, share and save journeys. The tool includes the ability to upload photos, videos, audio clips and status updates on location. The trip can then be shared with friends via Facebook and Twitter.”