More Layoffs at T3

“T3 is laying off more today. That’ll make over 100 people in the past year, and close to 60 since November IN THREE DIFFERENT ROUNDS. You’d think they’d be smart enough to project their staffing needs and do it at once. For a Think Tank, they sure aren’t very smart.” Source = anonymous tipster via… Continue reading More Layoffs at T3

More Anonymous T3 News

“Coming soon: More T3 lay offs. They lost JCPenney; don’t let them tell you anything else.” I have no idea if this is true, but I’m hoping someone at T3 can make a comment in regards.

T3 Austin = More Layoffs?

I really don’t like reporting on layoffs. I’ve been laid off and I’ve been fired. I also get anonymous tips and this blog is in the “business” of reporting what is happening in the ad world. I got these tips today: “Rumor has it that T3 is laying off 60 people today. That’s a lot.… Continue reading T3 Austin = More Layoffs?

T3 Looks Towards the Future

I look forward to your comments on this one. Update: Friday 1-23-09 Looks like T3 took the video down. Here’s a screen shot of one scene to prove that it did exist: Update #2: Someone sent us these screen shots from the video Update #3: I now have a copy of the now-removed-from-YouTube video…T3 Looks… Continue reading T3 Looks Towards the Future