Who Needs Dell When you got Jewels and Tacos?

It looks like (well at least according a recent Austin Business Journal article) Austin-based ad agency T3 is going to be ok after getting dumped by Dell for high-rise hottie Enfatcio. From the article: “In the last year, the agency has added California jeweler Robbins Brothers, ConocoPhillips, Taco Bell and Intel to its client roster.… Continue reading Who Needs Dell When you got Jewels and Tacos?

Austin’s T3 on Front-page of USAToday

Austin’s own T3 was recently featured on the front-page of USAToday. Here’s the web version of the article:Day care’s new frontier: Your baby at your desk T3 has gotten lots of good press out of their “T3 and Under” program…including this early post by yours truly:T3 VIP on GMA I love a good benefit that… Continue reading Austin’s T3 on Front-page of USAToday


Good Morning America is running a series called “The Parenting Wars” in which they are examining various parenting issues facing folks these days. This morning’s segment (yes, I got up pre-6am.) revolved around babies in the workplace. Austin’s own T-3 was the main focus with its “T3 and Under” program that allows team members to… Continue reading T3 VIP on GMA