Good News from T3

“Good T-3 news I heard From someone there. They started restoring pay cuts that they made earlier in the yr. Also a couple smaller new business wins they are not publicizing. Morale still bad but friend says it looks l.ots better now than January.” Source = Anonymous Tipster

T3 to Sell Whorehouse

Ad firm owners asking $10.5M for historic downtown property…Dolly Parton sauntered down its grand staircase in “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.” **A few facts: 1. T3 had planned to sell this house long before their recent troubles started as they have the big cool brick building over on Lamar now.2. As far as I… Continue reading T3 to Sell Whorehouse

BIG T3 News….

…coming soon according to this comment made earlier today: “Don’t count us out yet. We’re not all the hax you think we are. News. Soon.” Comment on this post by T3 Hack Sick Of Your Shit I am truly looking forward to some good news from T3 and I really hope someone isn’t just pulling… Continue reading BIG T3 News….