SXSWi Hates Anything Going VIral

How do you take any chance of something like say a email based trivia contest from going viral beyond your already subscribed base? Well, if you are the folks at SXSWi you open up the October trivia question for a free pass contest to just those folks who are subscribed to the SXSWi listserve. I’m… Continue reading SXSWi Hates Anything Going VIral

Who’s Watching Who #53

Here’s a Who’s-Who of folks that have checked-out the blogand/or emailed us to praise/complain, and/or any combination thereof over the past week…and here’s the deal…If you visited us in the last week and don;t see your name, send me an email (robert at adomatica dot com) and tell me you visited and how much you… Continue reading Who’s Watching Who #53

SXSW Interactive Free Pass Trivia Question – September ’08

“BONUS: Answer Trivia and Win FREE 2009 SXSW Interactive Registration …a new element for ScreenBurn at SXSW for2009 is the Game Design Competition. Showcasing the best new ideas fromemerging game developers, this competition will serve as a greatcompliment to the ScreenBurn at SXSW panel programming as well as theScreenBurn at SXSW Arcade. Speaking of game… Continue reading SXSW Interactive Free Pass Trivia Question – September ’08

1200 Panels to Pick From – SXSW 2009

Yes, it is true. You have 1200 possible panels to pick through via the SXSW Interactive 2009 panel-picker that went live earlier this week. Some quick stats: Number of possible panels that mention: Obama: 3Agency: 20Yahoo: 22Twitter: 30Google: 43Interactive: 74Blog: 80Social: 263