SXSW – 2008 Theme Song

I associate moments in time with certain songs. For example, the song “Out of Touch” by Hall and Oates (and that whole damm album actually) makes me think of going to New Orleans with my parents for the 1984 Worlds Fair. My latest song to event connection is what I’ll call the theme song to… Continue reading SXSW – 2008 Theme Song

SWSW – Sarah Lacy Speaks Out

As if the time on stage with Zuckerburg and the aftermath wasn’t bad enough…today Sarah Lacy Twittered this “years of high heels have apparently shortened my hamstrings beyond repair!” Sarah, I’m sure you’ll keep standing tall…your book is coming out soon and I heard you’ve got an idea for another one already. (Also, if you… Continue reading SWSW – Sarah Lacy Speaks Out