Taking Shoes off at Airport? Think Zappos

I was coming back home after a weekend trip and was making my way through airport security when I got to the point where I needed to take the laptop out of the bag and kick off my shoes and ,low-and-behold, there was a Zappos ad in the bottom of the bin. What a great… Continue reading Taking Shoes off at Airport? Think Zappos

Networking at SXSW

I met Andrew Hyde at SXSWi this year. We exchanged business cards. His was a bit different as it had a drawn portriat of himself on one side and a very web 2.0 set of info on the other. i.e. his twitter username It was also a different size and shape than a normal business… Continue reading Networking at SXSW

Cartoons on the back of business cards

If you attended SXSWi last week, you might have gotten one of the “BIG BAGS” filled with magazines, postcards, and misc info crap. The best thing about the bag was the bag itself. It was an actual cloth re-usable bag with a big Adobe logo on one side and a drawing by social marketing renaissance… Continue reading Cartoons on the back of business cards

SXSW – 2008 Theme Song

I associate moments in time with certain songs. For example, the song “Out of Touch” by Hall and Oates (and that whole damm album actually) makes me think of going to New Orleans with my parents for the 1984 Worlds Fair. My latest song to event connection is what I’ll call the theme song to… Continue reading SXSW – 2008 Theme Song