SpringBox Insights

This one came in today via our Anonymous Tip Form: “In the spirit of trying to focus less on layoff news and other dismal economic conditions, thought I would share a link for the Springbox agency blog/knowledge sharing center called Springbox Insight. Shameless plug? Yes, but some good reads in there for anyone interested. The… Continue reading SpringBox Insights

I like Feedback

I’m not totally sure what this person is trying to tell me but here it goes: “Schematic Austin is letting go of a creative director and senior UX person. This is partially because they are dropping the ball and losing a lot (if not all) of the Dell business. I’m sure you knew this, but… Continue reading I like Feedback

If you build it, they will tip off

So, I put the Anonymous Tip Form up and only a few minutes later I get my first submission. Thanks to the Anonymous Tipster for this gem. If I knew who you were I’d give you a prize: “Oh, you didn’t hear about the Springbox layoffs? Yep. There were three let go just before Thanksgiving,… Continue reading If you build it, they will tip off

Who’s Got the Biggest Unit in Austin?

I just read an article at Austin.bizjournals.com about how T3 has grown and recovered after losing Dell to Enfatico. More on that later, but I need some input from other in regards to this line from the piece: “T3, the second-largest advertising firm in Austin” Is that true? Is T3 packing the 2nd biggest unit… Continue reading Who’s Got the Biggest Unit in Austin?