Search Campaign Manager – Austin, Tx

Search Campaign Manager – Austin, Tx Pipeline Success, an industry leader in online marketing and performance-based lead generation, is seeking a Search Campaign Manager to help scale the business. The Search Campaign Manager will be responsible for creating, implementing, and measuring the success of innovative B2C lead generation campaigns across a variety of verticals. This… Continue reading Search Campaign Manager – Austin, Tx

Google’s Indexing of Blog Posts

The SEO side of me has been following the indexing habits of Google as they pertain to blog posts for time now. Google owns Blogger/Blogspot, so it is understandable that they would view “their” bloggers in a favorable light, but Google is truly nice to us these days. I posted in regards to an… Continue reading Google’s Indexing of Blog Posts

Inspiring Office Spaces

I’ve worked in a cube farm, a basement with few windows, a kitchen, a cube farm where my cube wall was actually up against a window, and a semi-open office with folding tables. While at all those places, I always said that the physical work environment didn’t matter, that I didn’t need a fancy desk… Continue reading Inspiring Office Spaces