"Personality Not Included" Interview

I first saw Rohit Bhargava speak last October at the Texas eMarketing Summit. He gave a presentation titled “10 truths of Marketing in a Web 2.0 World”. At the time, I was roughly a month into this blog and I thought to myself that Rohit would be someone who I would love to interview. Well,… Continue reading "Personality Not Included" Interview

eMarketing Presentations and Bad Manners

As promised, here’s a link to several of the Innotech eMarketing presentations. Rohit Bhargava’s “10 Truths” presentation is probably the most interesting one currently posted. Bulldog Solutions’ presentation on benchmarking is also posted and it is mildly interesting, but I was rather unimpressed with their President Todd Davison taking a call during another person’s presentation…and… Continue reading eMarketing Presentations and Bad Manners

Blogging @ eMarketing Summit

Seeing Allen Olivo, Vice President, Global Brand Marketing, Yahoo! Inc., at the Texas eMarketing summit was really cool, but hearing how Yahoo! pulled a big brain stunt at Time Square did not hit as close to home as Rohit Bhargava’s (left), Vice President, Interactive Marketing at Ogilvy Public Relations, presentation of the “10 truths of… Continue reading Blogging @ eMarketing Summit