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I LIKE PINTEREST (Guy Used Pinterest Successfully)

Ok, I’ll admit it, I REALLY LIKE PINTEREST AND I am a dude.

I’m also not ashamed to admit that today I have 100% proof that Pinterest has also proven itself as a totally useful website – even for a guy.

Here’s the story:

I was on Pinterest one day searching for cool office space ideas. This search typically results in a fairly mixed-bag of results. Cool start up offices. Lame real-estate spam. Warm home office remodels. It was this last type of result that caught my eye, but it ending up being a pinned image of a nice kitchen remodel. I repinned the pin to my things board because I liked the shade of gray used in the kitchen.

Fast forward about seven weeks. Wife (Sarah) and I are getting some painting done in our house. I remembered pinning that kitchen image / gray color. I went back to Pinterest (it wasn’t the first time I went back in the past seven weeks.), found the pin, and then took the paint color name over to Lowe’s to buy a gallon on paint for my office. (Yes, I bought the paint at Lowe’s, but I still haven’t been back to Chick-fil-a.)

So, full circle:

1. I use and like Pinterest.
2. I pinned an image of a kitchen.
3. I used that pin ~7 weeks later when I wanted to get paint for my home office.
4. I now have a freshly painted gray office thanks to Pinterest.

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Next Comment is 3000th

Do you have something to say? Be the first to comment on this post and/or simply the next person to comment on any post on Adomatica and you’ll be the “lucky” 3000th comment commenter. Anonymous, if you are still reading my blog, please comment, I would really like number 3000 to be you.

30 days without a post – Time to get personal

OK, so I went 30 days between my last two posts. I’m sure I’ve done a post or two like this in the past, but again it’s my blog and I can post what I want to.

I’ve been busy. I run marketing for Calendars.com. As I hope you can imagine, the last several months are slightly busy in the calendar business. My team had a hell of a year breaking nearly every record they could and busting through almost every challenge they faced. I’m excited about the coming year.

Directing marketing for “the largest selection of calendars in the known universe” and getting pumped about the year is really a very minor part of what’s been going on with my family. I’m also doing what a husband can do when his wife is expecting. Let’s face it, that basically means I try to be as helpful as I can and not pretend that I have any idea what my wife is going through. Seriously, this is baby number three for us and, from my perspective, it has been the toughest. Chasing the two other little ones around while your mid-section grows a bit more each day can not be easy at all. It feels almost pointless to say thanks to Sarah or actually to even ask how she is feeling. (Thank you Sarah – I’m glad that you are getting in a nap as I type this up.)

The due date is now within view and I think it makes it even harder. The anticipation of the day, the pain, and the pleasure of an ending that marks the beginning of something so incredible. Like many things in life, it really seems to build-up as “the end” gets ever closer, but this is one of the most unique and unlike anything else in life moments.

I said that I was excited about the coming year regarding Calendars.com. I am beyond ecstatic about the coming year at home. As the family is nearly grown by one, I look forward to all the changes and new things we will experience together.

Happy New Year!

Retailers Start Holiday Sales VERY early

I can’t release the name of the retailer who is taking part, but I’m putting together the mother of all holiday promotions. This one is going to be the biggest and earliest one ever launched. You are wondering -> “How early?” -> well, “Pitch Black Friday” will be Friday January 6th and will feature the best deals on the hottest electronics, toys, and games of 2012. I figure the best possible black Friday sale needs to take place on the first Friday of 2012. Hard to do it any earlier than that.

Ok, I’m obviously joking around, but seriously, this year, I’m seeing tons of retailers who are opening at 12:01 am on Black Friday and others are actually going to be open on Thanksgiving. I’m not a huge fan of retailers who are closed on Sunday, but come on, Thanksgiving? What’s next, being open on Memorial and Labor day? 😉