A Note to LinkShare

Dear LinkShare- I am a publisher in your affiliate network. Over the last two days I received three emails from you. I wish I could say that they were three different emails, but they were not. I’m writing you this letter to offer you my services to help you out in the email marketing arena.… Continue reading A Note to LinkShare

J. Crew Pushing Fall Too Soon

Dear J. Crew- I’m not trying to pick on you, but when you send email after email just begging to be critiqued, I can’t help myself. 1. It’s still >100 degrees here in Texas and many other states. List segmentation is your friend. 2. This email features folks in outfits that might even be too… Continue reading J. Crew Pushing Fall Too Soon

New Tag-line for August 2008

August’s new tag-line needs no explanation, but here’s a bit of info from Wikipedia just in case you need a reminder: “The phrase The Long Tail was first coined by Chris Anderson in an October 2004 Wired magazine article to describe the niche strategy of businesses, such as Amazon.com or Netflix, that sell a large… Continue reading New Tag-line for August 2008

RGECWEB becomes SEMPO Member

RGECWEB’s founder, Robert Gilbreath, has joined SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization). RGECWEB, an online / new media consultancy, has been helping businesses grow via the web for over 10 years. Joining SEMPO solidifies RGECWEB’s commitment to helping others understand and better utilize search. More on SEMPO from SEMPO.com: “SEMPO is a global non-profit organization… Continue reading RGECWEB becomes SEMPO Member

My Move to the Other Side

After 10 years on the client side, I’ve made the move over to an agency. It’s obviously a rather big change. I’m looking forward to the challenges and new experiences. I’m sure I’ll write about some of them from time to time on this blog. Here’s a bit about my new home: Based in Austin,… Continue reading My Move to the Other Side