Adomatica Accepts Buyout Offer from Gawker

Late last night we received a buyout offer for Adomatica even though we were not yet on the market and frankly don’t yet generate much traffic. You’re asking yourself, self, who would want to buy Adomatica? Well, the answer is the fine folks at Gawker Media. They are telling me that Owen Thomas at Valley… Continue reading Adomatica Accepts Buyout Offer from Gawker

Face(book) the Facts

Here are several recaps / posts from today’s SXSW Interactive Keynote speaker, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg, who was “interviewed” by Sarah Lacy…as I posted near the end of the “interview”, Sarah lost the audience, who, in my opinion, didn’t seem to be as in to her as she was in herself: Mark Zuckerberg SXSW keynote… Continue reading Face(book) the Facts