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Tocquigny Touchstone

“Tocquigny, ranked as a top interactive advertising agency by BtoB magazine,
announced today it launched the Tocquigny Touchstone
http://www.tocquigny.com/touchstone, a quarterly collection of innovative and
insightful articles focused on timely marketing topics. The Tocquigny Touchstone
features the agency`s thinking on social media and explores how recent
developments in social technology and the social web impact business
professionals of all levels.”

Tocquigny Touchstone

BLiNQ Media Debunks Facebook Myths

The research is based on the analysis of Facebook application usage data comprising more than 9 million users and 117 million records. Some of the revelations include:

– A small percentage of the users accounted for a large percentage of the activity. For example, only 6% of the users were responsible for 56% of the activity.

– Not all users are in the 18-24 age bracket as assumed: The top 50% of high activity users of the social media app were 32 or older, while the lower app activity users were predominately 32 and younger (80%).

– While females represented the largest group of application users (73%), 54% of the men were more likely to be heavy app users.

– The majority of users (70%) took over 30 days to respond to a gifting request. Acceptance activity picked up after 30 days and continued until 132 days later.

– The most active wall posters are not the most active application users, at least for this app.

“Historically information about patterns in online behaviors has been largely inaccessible and/or unusable,” cited Stephen P. Stuk, Ph.D., Co-founder, Chief Intelligence Officer for BLiNQ Media. “That is not to say that research has not been conducted: There is a growing body of theoretical research in modeling social networks. However, these studies tend to be purely theoretical without use of data. This is the first time that this level of analysis has been done with actual data. The results revealed some surprises.”

“The insight garnered through the research represents a milestone for brand marketers,” commented Dave Williams, CEO of BLiNQ Media. “Awareness and incorporation of these insights in marketing programs will empower marketers and enable brands to thrive in the social network landscape through more effective targeting and optimization of their social media advertising initiatives. In turn, the overall user experience in social media networks could be greatly enhanced.”

BLiNQ Media Web Site: http://www.blinqmedia.com/

Google Checks Out of Adwords Free Promotion

Google used to give users of their Google Checkout system credit back in the from of free Adwords spending. It worked like this, spend $X in Google Checkout fees get $X in free Adwords. Well, per this email I just got, it all ends on Cinco de Mayo.

Subject: Update on Google Checkout transaction processing fees

“…We’ll also be discontinuing the AdWords free transaction
processing promotion on May 5, 2009. Any AdWords transaction
processing credits accrued during April 2009 will be applied
towards transactions that occur on May 1-4, 2009…”

They are also changing the transaction processing fee to a tiered fee structure, “where the rates will vary depending on the dollar amount of your monthly sales processed through Checkout.”

Is it just me, or does a little bit of the old Google die each day?

Thoroughness Still Matters

I stopped at the cleaners on the way home tonight. I handed the clerk my ticket. He turned and quickly shuffled through the area where my shirts should have been. He did not find my shirts. He then asked me for my name and then sorta shuffled through the same area again. Still no shirts were produced. He got on the phone and called someone (the owner I think) and after a brief back-and-forth, he handed me the phone. She asked about my shirts, remembered me, and promised that my shirts were there. She promised that if the clerk couldn’t find my shirts she would find them in the morning and call me. I said ok and, as I hung up the phone, I looked down the rail of plastic-wrapped neatly pressed clothing items seeing what I was sure was my shirts. Since I was already behind the counter (talking on the phone with the owner) I reached down the line and pulled out what was in fact my shirts.

So, what’s the point of my seemingly non-advertising and non-interactive marketing story?

Thoroughness still matters.

The clerk was not very thorough in his search for my shirts. He made what should have been a very simple transaction into a slightly uncomfortable situation. I have to admit that for a second I had thoughts of where I would be taking my future dry cleaning business.

In the interactive world, thoroughness still matters.

Shopping online is really convenient for our customers, but it doesn’t mean that we get to cut corners from a customer service perspective.

Email is super-easy and simple to use, but it doesn’t mean that you now get to cut corners on politeness or grammar. (and I know my grammar is not perfect)

Advertising is changing.

The online space does not follow all the same rules as true traditional advertising. Online advertising is not a simple media buy. It requires a level of thoroughness and accountability that, arguably, many ad agencies just do not understand.