Tocquigny Touchstone

“Tocquigny, ranked as a top interactive advertising agency by BtoB magazine,announced today it launched the Tocquigny Touchstone, a quarterly collection of innovative andinsightful articles focused on timely marketing topics. The Tocquigny Touchstonefeatures the agency`s thinking on social media and explores how recentdevelopments in social technology and the social web impact businessprofessionals of all levels.” Tocquigny… Continue reading Tocquigny Touchstone

BLiNQ Media Debunks Facebook Myths

The research is based on the analysis of Facebook application usage data comprising more than 9 million users and 117 million records. Some of the revelations include: – A small percentage of the users accounted for a large percentage of the activity. For example, only 6% of the users were responsible for 56% of the… Continue reading BLiNQ Media Debunks Facebook Myths

Google Checks Out of Adwords Free Promotion

Google used to give users of their Google Checkout system credit back in the from of free Adwords spending. It worked like this, spend $X in Google Checkout fees get $X in free Adwords. Well, per this email I just got, it all ends on Cinco de Mayo. Subject: Update on Google Checkout transaction processing… Continue reading Google Checks Out of Adwords Free Promotion

Thoroughness Still Matters

I stopped at the cleaners on the way home tonight. I handed the clerk my ticket. He turned and quickly shuffled through the area where my shirts should have been. He did not find my shirts. He then asked me for my name and then sorta shuffled through the same area again. Still no shirts… Continue reading Thoroughness Still Matters