A Brief History of Online Advertising by Advertising.com

This post was found here: http://blog.advertise.com/a-brief-history-of-online-advertising We’ve come a long way From the original AT&T and Zima banner ads featured on Hotwired.com in 1998 to the behavior-based targeted advertising slyly blended in with web content people digest daily, the world of Internet advertising has changed the marketing game and way businesses think about connecting with… Continue reading A Brief History of Online Advertising by Advertising.com

Spring(box) Fling

I attended the Springbox 4th anniversary party last night. Springbox was founded by two ex-T3/Dell guys, Adam Moore and Dan Isaacs, and was recently bought-out by New York-based Viewpoint. I had a good time chatting it up with one of the newest Springboxer Myles Rose, Springbox recruiter Amy Holt, and Springbox client R. Scott Harris… Continue reading Spring(box) Fling

Austin Interactive Agency Bought

Viewpoint, a New York based interactive marketing and online advertising agency, has reported that it will acquire Austin based Springbox for about $5.5 million in stock and cash. From a recent Austin Business Journal article: “The acquisition of Springbox aligns perfectly with our strategy to enhance our Web-based product offerings, in order to meet the… Continue reading Austin Interactive Agency Bought