Online Shopping Infographic 2011

“ decided to figure out which cities are craziest about online shopping, looking at the 65 largest cities in the United States and examining online ordering trends from 30 of the top online retailers, including and” – from The 10 Cities That Shop Most Online: and pointed out to me by my… Continue reading Online Shopping Infographic 2011

NEW Twitter Announcement

Tonight was the “big night” for Twiiter to make an announcement. Their announcement? Google is buying them? No. They’re selling out to Facebook. No. Meet MyTweetSpace? No. NEW TWITTER! (New Twitter info at Check out the video demo below. It appears to be pretty cool and those already able to use it are giving… Continue reading NEW Twitter Announcement Celebrates Every Day in May

That’s right, the team is celebrating something every day during the month of May. We, along with folks from our parent company Calendar Club, danced the chicken dance this morning. Here’s what we’ve done so far: May 1st – Happy May Day! May 2nd – Happy Baby Day! May 3rd is Lumpy Rug Day!… Continue reading Celebrates Every Day in May