Mobile App Firms – Austin

From a recent Austin American-Statesman article on mobile app companies in Austin, here is their list in order of employee count and with some example clients listed: 1. Mutual Mobile -> Audi, Cisco, Gowalla, Google, Dell 2. Digby -> Home Depot, Brooks Brothers, Toys R Us, Wet seal, Costco 3. Chaotic Moon -> Microsoft, Game… Continue reading Mobile App Firms – Austin

QR Codes – Big in 2011 (And Free)

I love that companies will be able to offer and make money from what should be a big movement in 2011, but QR codes are free in case you want to test them out and make them part of your marketing mix. Simple Embedded Text QR code creator Chrome users can use this cool extention… Continue reading QR Codes – Big in 2011 (And Free)

Front Gate Tickets does Mobile and WordPress

Austin, TX – June 18, 2010 – Front Gate Tickets today announced it has released both mobile ticketing and its WordPress plug-in to the live entertainment industry. These efforts are on the heels of the Austin-based company‚Äôs first quarter launch of its geo-located portal at Clients including Lollapalooza Festival (Chicago), Higher Ground (S. Burlington,… Continue reading Front Gate Tickets does Mobile and WordPress