GSD&M ECD and Pay Cuts

The anonymous tip stream: (what?…I was on vacation.) 5-8-09 3:24 pm “rumor is there is trouble at idea city. taylor is supposedly out.” 5-8-09 10:44 pm “ECD Mark Taylor was finally fired today after an excruciating tenure at Idea City. 10 other people are out the door with him — mostly low lever staffers across… Continue reading GSD&M ECD and Pay Cuts

GSD&M Wins One from Crispin…sort of

Sorry folks, GSD&M has not won an account previously held by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, but it has hired/taken Mark Taylor, a vice president / associate creative director from their Miami office. Here’s the Austin American Statesman article: GSD&M hires new creative officer And here are some interesting posts on the event: Addendum: Told You… Continue reading GSD&M Wins One from Crispin…sort of