McGarrah Jessee Gets New Site (Finally)

McGarrah Jessee has a new website. Not only is this a long overdue update, I like it and that’s really is all that’s important, right? Seriously, these guys put out some really solid work and now there site shows some of their recent work. (I’d share deep links to some of my favorite work… Continue reading McGarrah Jessee Gets New Site (Finally)

Voice-Over Talent

My wife has this worthless ability to almost instantly name the actor doing the voice over of a TV or radio commercial. A commercial for Depends…she’ll say “Tom Selleck”. A commercial for the latest pill…she’ll say “Aiden from Sex and the City”. Ok, so in that example she is actually naming a character played by… Continue reading Voice-Over Talent

McGarrah/Jessee Hits the Slopes

Austin-based McGarrah/Jessee has won its second new client of the year. (The other is high-end sunglasses manufacturer Costa Del Mar.) Heavenly Mountain Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe has award Mc-J with its ~$2 million branding account. The prior agency of record was San Francisco-based Y&R. I am waiting with giddy anticipation for the first Mc-J… Continue reading McGarrah/Jessee Hits the Slopes