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Misconceptions About Marketing Decision Makers

Misconception #1: Executive decision makers just don’t get it
Misconception #2: They are afraid of change
Misconception #3: They won’t invest in anything new

From nFusion: http://www.nfusion.com/blog/three-misconceptions-about-marketing-decision-makers

nFusion is an Advertising and Interactive Marketing Strategy Consultant Firm in Austin, TX

nFusion wins nAward

nFusion, an Austin based digital-centric marketing agency was selected as “Best in Show” in the movie/film category by the International Academy of Visual Arts. The award was won for the advergame Adopt-A-Sloth, that the group created for 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment’s DVD release of Ice Age 2: The Meltdown. With roughly 2700 entries, awards are presented to the top 1% putting nFusion in with the in crowd. From nFusion’s press release: nFusion CEO John Ellett said, “Adapting the characters of Ice Age II to a series of Web-based advergames was a fun project and, more importantly, playing the game has been fun for movie fans.”