Tocquigny Scores with SnatchLatch

Austin-based digital marketing firm, Tocquigny, has announced a new relationship with SnatchLatch. From the PRweb release: As part of an overall objective to build brand awareness and drive sales…, Tocquigny created the SnatchLatch brand and developed the packaging. Ok, so SnatchLatch is not a new contraception device, but spinning the story that way is more… Continue reading Tocquigny Scores with SnatchLatch

Tocquigny’s Tuna Two

Tocquigny’s COO, Pedro Laboy (right), was recently featured in an Austin American Statesman article regarding the tight local job market for tech savvy folks. Laboy is quoted as saying that the job market is NOT that tight. Here’s where the fun starts! John Ellett, CEO of nFusion (one of Tocquigny’s big competitors), is quoted in… Continue reading Tocquigny’s Tuna Two