The Name Says It All

Ok, so not all startups are having the same luck as Bazaarvoice and HomeAway. May I introduce you to… FuckedStartups “Have you ever been blindsided? … a boss give you a bad review that you never saw coming. Or more importantly, your employer tell you the companies doing great, but the next day they tell… Continue reading The Name Says It All

OtherInbox Tips (after a few days of playing)

Austin-based entrepreneur Joshua Baer launched OtherInbox last week during TechCrunch50 and I was lucky enough to get my hands on a beta invite early this week. From “OtherInbox is the cure for email overload – it provides consumers with a free email account that automatically organizes newsletters, social networking updates, coupons and receipts from… Continue reading OtherInbox Tips (after a few days of playing)