Hyndai Genesis Interactive

A friend sent me this…it’s pretty cool: “This is pretty amazing. Click the plus and mouse over the different sections of the video that pop up. Stunning. Makes me want to drive it like I stole it!” http://www.hyundaigenesis.com/coupe/ Anyone know who is responsible for this fine piece of work?

Spring(box) Fling

I attended the Springbox 4th anniversary party last night. Springbox was founded by two ex-T3/Dell guys, Adam Moore and Dan Isaacs, and was recently bought-out by New York-based Viewpoint. I had a good time chatting it up with one of the newest Springboxer Myles Rose, Springbox recruiter Amy Holt, and Springbox client R. Scott Harris… Continue reading Spring(box) Fling

Are You Happy? – a one act play

(The following is loosely based on actual events) A recruiter walks up to a group of interactive marketeers at an association party. Recruiter: Who are you with?Marketeer 1: Client Company CMarketeer 2: I’m with Client Company C too Marketeer 3: I’m with Online Marketing Agency ARecruiter: Are you happy?Marketeer 1, 2 , and 3 simultaneously… Continue reading Are You Happy? – a one act play

Event to attend…11/29/07

This Thursday, the 29th, the Austin Interactive Marketing Association is holding an educational breakfast. I posted about this event a couple of weeks ago, so you can get all the details here. I look forward to these events and hope to meet a bunch of new folks at this one. See you Thursday.