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GSD&M ECD and Pay Cuts

The anonymous tip stream: (what?…I was on vacation.)

5-8-09 3:24 pm

“rumor is there is trouble at idea city. taylor is supposedly out.”

5-8-09 10:44 pm

“ECD Mark Taylor was finally fired today after an excruciating tenure at Idea City. 10 other people are out the door with him — mostly low lever staffers across all disciplines. And salary reductions have been announced. Officers of the company have already had to take two of those, but this one is for everyone.”

5-11-09 11:41 am

“Check out agencyspy, GSD&M fired their ECD and is talking paycuts for everyone.”

From Agency Spy:

GSD&M Fires Mark Taylor, 11 Other, Staff Pay Reductions Follow

More GSD&M Info For Your Water Cooler Talks

GSD&M Email Regarding Analytics Department Closing


I want to let you know about a change we’re making in how we go to market with our analytical tools and capabilities.

As an agency, we’ve been on the leading edge of our industry’s adoption of a more analytic approach to targeting, media/channel planning, messaging and accountability to business results. Through INVOLVE and other tools, we’ve achieved great results with clients including Legacy, Air Force, MasterCard and others. We continue to believe in these tools and expect that the market will continue to value the results they provide. And while we’ve been successful with our in-house analytical capabilities, we now believe that we’ll achieve more financial success in this area by having the option to provide clients these services through partnerships.

At the beginning of the year, Maury Giles will spin off to create his own enterprise which will be called Pursuit. Jim Wilkerson will also leave the agency and plans to join Maury. They will provide analytical tools and services to clients beyond just the Idea City roster. And we will continue to deliver these tools for our own clients, either through our own capabilities or through partnerships. Pursuit will become our preferred vendor for future INVOLVE studies. We’re still working through all of the licensing, profit-sharing and non-compete issues, but we can all look forward to a great partnership with Pursuit going forward.

We’re proud of the progress we’ve made in our analytical capabilities over the past couple of years and both Maury and Jim have been vital parts of those efforts. Please join me in wishing them great success in their new enterprise.


Source: Anonymous Tipster