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GSD&M Vows to Not Use Apes

“After meeting with PETA representatives and viewing a video narrated by film star Anjelica Huston showing that chimpanzees and orangutans used in advertising are removed from their mothers as infants and routinely abused in behind-the-scenes training sessions, Austin-based advertising agency GSD&M Idea City signed PETA’s Great Ape Humane Pledge, promising not to use great apes in any future projects.”

The PETA press release goes on to say:

“Like human babies, chimpanzee and orangutan infants long to be with their mothers, not scared and alone in barren cages and abused on a hot, noisy set,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “By making the compassionate decision not to use great apes in any future projects, GSD&M Idea City is doing its part to stop animal abuse in advertising.”