If you post it…They will come

I’ve posted before about my love for blogging as an SEO tool as well as my enjoyment of how simple Google Analytics is to use as part of any blog and/or SEO plan. I started posting my weekly/Sunday “Who’s Watching Who” posts last week and I love to see the spike in returning traffic on… Continue reading If you post it…They will come

Web Analytics Vendor Report

I recently came across a post/report by Stephane Hamel that shows vendor market share of the major web analytics tools currently available. Not surprisingly, free-to-use Google Analytics reigns supreme with 59%. Omniture comes in second with 19%, while the rest trail behind by at least 10%. This only makes me feel stronger in regards to… Continue reading Web Analytics Vendor Report

Deja Vu – Well, sort of

So, a week ago today I attended Online Market World in San Francisco. Today I attended the Texas eMarketing Summit here in Austin. A week ago I posted in regards to Brett Hurt, Founder of Coremetrics and CEO of Bazaarvoice, endorsing Google Analytics. Tonight I post in regards to Coremetrics’ Director of Strategic Accounts, Ian… Continue reading Deja Vu – Well, sort of

Coremetrics vs. Google – Hurt Weighs In

Online Market World – Thursday 10-4-07Some industry experts weighed in on the obvious need to use some type of analytics tool to track visitors and actions on your websites. The panel, actually speaking on word of mouth marketing, was made up of Michael Ratner, Bill Hanekamp, Scott Sigler, and Coremetrics Founder / Bazaarvoice CEO Brett… Continue reading Coremetrics vs. Google – Hurt Weighs In