Man is Shot Dead – Enfatico Google Alert

Sometimes Google Alerts returns some really funny results…case in point: “Man is shot dead in his Irvington driveway … 2008 Values Voter Summit; Exercise Overcomes Effect of Fat Gene; News &Opinion Roundup (8 Sept 08); A teenager suggestion; Energy therapies;Brooke likewise laboring diversion at the bars; Can Enfatico spend thePoisoned Dwarf’s arse?”

Google’s Indexing of Blog Posts

The SEO side of me has been following the indexing habits of Google as they pertain to blog posts for time now. Google owns Blogger/Blogspot, so it is understandable that they would view “their” bloggers in a favorable light, but Google is truly nice to us these days. I posted in regards to an… Continue reading Google’s Indexing of Blog Posts

Protecting Your Online Reputation

Keeping track of and protecting your online reputation has become more and more important as the web has made it much easy for word of mouth (both good and bad) to spread. The following is an interesting Q&A on the topic of managing and monitoring your online reputation: Online Reputation and Brand Identity

GSD&M Wins Coors Beer Job

I thought that, via a Google alert I just got, I had found some good GSD&M news. “GSD&M Wins Coors Beer Job” the Google alert shouted out to me. Clicking on the link within the email took me to a New York Times article. The article calls GSD&M “a specialist in the Hispanic market.” What?… Continue reading GSD&M Wins Coors Beer Job