Gay’s BIG Gun

From “Don’t Sweat the Deal Size” “The big change for us in 2009 is that we are more flexible on minimum amount of an engagement that we’ll pursue,” says Gay Gaddis, the founder and CEO of T3, an Austin-based advertising and marketing agency that specializes in digital media. In years past, her firm only… Continue reading Gay’s BIG Gun

Happy Birthday Gay Gaddis of T3 (April 1st)

Adomatica would like to wish Gay Gaddis of T3 a very happy birthday (April 1st). (I’m still waiting for my party invite though…assuming you are still throwing a bash this year…Frankly, I would still throw it if it was my company.) In case you missed it, here is my review of last year’s Arabian nights… Continue reading Happy Birthday Gay Gaddis of T3 (April 1st)