Who’s Watching Who #24

Here’s a Who’s-Who of folks that have contacted us and/or checked-out the blog and/or called to praise/complain, and/or any combination thereof over the past week: Charles B Travis Architects – Austin, TXFODA Studio – Branding and Design – Austin, TXITD Consultants – Mechanical and Electrical services – UKJ Walter Thompson – arguably the world’s first… Continue reading Who’s Watching Who #24

Getting Quoted = Validation ?

“You liked my piece. God, I’m flattered. You know you write these things and you think someone’s going to mention them and then the whole week goes by and the phone doesn’t ring…” Frank Navasky in the movie You’ve Got Mail. Daily (Ad) Biz quoted one of my recent posts to help make a point.… Continue reading Getting Quoted = Validation ?

A Manifesto

I’ve always loved the saying regarding web design/coding that goes something like ~just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should do it~. I recently came across this “Manifesto” at Foda Studio that makes the point in a much more eloquent manner: “Designers should not tell you they’re different because they use the latest… Continue reading A Manifesto