From the Horse’s Mouth

“Ever wonder what it would be like to be an agency and work for a single client? Come learn about Enfatico’s approach to design and its relationship with Dell. We’ve been told Todd Ruff is hosting….not sure about this though. Pay at the door. Cash or check only. Limit 30.Please RSVP by email.”… Continue reading From the Horse’s Mouth

Enfartico – For Sale

Yes, it is true. Dull seems to be pulling the plug on Enfartico and DubbaUPeePee is rolling us into its Why&Are brand of agencies. We’ve decided to put “ourselves” up for auction on Ebay. Bid Early!Bid Often!Bid High! A portion of the proceeds from the auction will go to Susan G. Komen For the… Continue reading Enfartico – For Sale

An Anonymous Note to Enfatico Employees

“This is more for Enfatico employees. I don’t think they’re being told everything. Look for a job, if you haven’t started already. Sorry to say, most will be out of work soon. Those other comments sound like they come from Schematic employees. Their company talks to them, unlike Enfatico, where there isn’t a straight story… Continue reading An Anonymous Note to Enfatico Employees