Enfatico Letter to Employees

“To The Global Enfatico Team – Following Dell’s recent reorganization and recognizing that there are some remaining capability gaps within Enfatico, we’ve engaged in discussions with WPP to determine the best long-term solution for adapting to the financial downturn, Dell’s modified budgets and the need to offer a broader mix of capabilities to our expanding… Continue reading Enfatico Letter to Employees

Enfatico No Mo

“Enfatico, a stand-alone advertising and marketing agency created to serve Dell, will be folded into another division of its parent company” “The WSJ.com report said WPP will fold the agency into its Young & Rubicam firm. Dell will continue to work with Enfatico and Young & Rubicam, as well as other outside firms…” “The move… Continue reading Enfatico No Mo

Enfatico – Is the End Near?

Here are some choice excerpts from a recent AdScam blog post: “the fuckers are not currently paying their employee freelancers. This has been going on for months and people are quitting.” “The douchenozzles have been reported to the Texas Workforce Commission for this practice.” “Dell has had their lawyers serve Enfatico with breach-of- contract papers,… Continue reading Enfatico – Is the End Near?