Enfatico Layoffs – No More Josh(ing)

“Enfatico had another layoff in multiple offices including Austin and New York today. They got rid of executives who were making too much money and a few regular staff doing the best they can. But the most shocking to everyone was our creative head Josh Sklar. He is the creative director worldwide, digital expert, and… Continue reading Enfatico Layoffs – No More Josh(ing)

Enfatico No Mo

“Enfatico, a stand-alone advertising and marketing agency created to serve Dell, will be folded into another division of its parent company” “The WSJ.com report said WPP will fold the agency into its Young & Rubicam firm. Dell will continue to work with Enfatico and Young & Rubicam, as well as other outside firms…” “The move… Continue reading Enfatico No Mo

Enfatico Makes the ~Best~ Party Invites

I’m a hack when it comes to graphics, so this is better then I could do, but come on Team Enfatico…you could have done better then this: http://www.enfatico.com/dellholidayparty2008/ Update Monday 12-8-08: I figured that they might take the invite down at some point so I screen grabbed it. 🙂