B2B Email Tips from Tocquigny

Whether you are marketing in the B2B or B2C spaces, your emails are more than likely reaches your customer on their mobile devices. Here are some tips from Austin-based ad agency Tocquigny. “There’s a really good chance your emails are being read on mobile devices, and that’s not necessarily good news, said Yvonne Tocquigny, CEO… Continue reading B2B Email Tips from Tocquigny

Linkedin Upgrades Email

I’m really impressed with this email from Linkedin. It’s a huge departure from their standard (dull) emails. It’s a great use of faces. It’s interactive -> mousing over a connection’s face pops up a little bit of info. The overall theme is a cool idea as well. Basically: We’re already half way through the year… Continue reading Linkedin Upgrades Email

Is the Pen still Mighty?

I love the ease of communicating via email, Facebook, Twitter, text, and IM. I love the ease at which these technologies allow us to market our products and services. We can communicate with each other, whether across the hall or around the globe, at speeds once never imagined. This ease, while extremely powerful, is obviously… Continue reading Is the Pen still Mighty?

Advertising and Marketing Jobs 11-21-09

POSITION: Associate Email Marketing ManagerCOMPANY: Journey Education Marketing, Inc.LOCATION: Austin, TX RESPONSIBILITIES1. Creative Development, Scheduling, and Execution (50%)• Develop and create email marketing campaigns to support marketing objectives for multiple brands• Work with the Business Development team to incorporate products from sponsored manufacturers• Edit HTML as necessary, or work with a programmer to create HTML.•… Continue reading Advertising and Marketing Jobs 11-21-09