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How to Win at Data Usage for Personalization and Beyond

5 ways to win with Data for Personalization:

1. Collect the right data -> site level as well a specific user level -> do a better job of listening

2. Be data influenced, not data dictated -> look at the data and decide what to do -> don’t just cherry pick data to support what you’ve already done

3. By above board when it comes to data collection -> best to make it clear what you are collecting and why it benefits your users

4. Move fast with getting personal -> consumer expectations are high -> don’t leave them hanging

5. Identify pain-points -> try to solve them -> doing this at a personal-level equals a big win!

Has it really been 3 years?

7/5/14 was when I last posted.

I’ve been busy:

Stamps.com Buys Austin-based ShipStation

Highland Resources Welcomes ShipStation to Lamar Central

and all of this-> What’s been going on at ShipStation?

On just a slightly more personal note, I also recently launched Spit & Hustle and am using it to “dog food” not only ShipStation, but also the various tools that are now available to entrepreneurs.

Onward and upwards….

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Half Price Books moves online – eBooks soon

Half Price Books Kid holding big stack of books

Dallas-based, Half Price Books, has launched a refreshed website which now includes a “Market Place”. The family-owned chain of 110 stores has always moved at its own pace, but the VP was recent quoted in a Dallas Morning Star articles, “We can’t ignore what’s going on in the book business.” The profitable brick and mortar company sees the new market place as a way to extend its reach and also better serve its loyal customer base. It tried its own store back in the early 2000s but it never really took hold. The company plans to add ebooks to the mix soon.

The article ends with a point I’ve made for years. Ecommerce allows folks to shop in their pajamas.