GSD&M’s Dismile 2007

So, we all know that Austin-based and Omnicom Group owned GSD&M had a rather rough 2007. They lost a few clients and a few battles over new business. The Austin Business Journal recently ran this article: Down, but not out Side note: GSD&M used to ask job applicants to come up with a slogan or… Continue reading GSD&M’s Dismile 2007

GSD&M to Layoff

I know I give the GSD&M gang a hard time, but no kidding today. The Idea City announced that they would start laying off workers this week. Analyst are saying as many as 200 will be let go. GSD&M President and COO, Duff Stewart, was quoted in the Austin American- Statesman: “This is not about… Continue reading GSD&M to Layoff