The Digitally Savvy live in Austin

This recently released study by Scarborough Research says that 12 percent of Austinites are “digitally savvy” because they use the Internet to make purchases. Understanding the Digital Savvy Consumer I’m not sure I agree with using online shopping habits as an indicator of a person’s digital savvy, but I’m all for Austin continuing its becoming… Continue reading The Digitally Savvy live in Austin

nFusion wins nAward

nFusion, an Austin based digital-centric marketing agency was selected as “Best in Show” in the movie/film category by the International Academy of Visual Arts. The award was won for the advergame Adopt-A-Sloth, that the group created for 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment’s DVD release of Ice Age 2: The Meltdown. With roughly 2700 entries, awards… Continue reading nFusion wins nAward