Project Da Vinci Announces Name

Just got this email: “Good morning Robert, WPP’s Project Da Vinci has been named Enfatico, a musical notation that means play each note “with emphasis” or “emphatically.”  A copy of the release may be found here:“

Project Da Vinci’s New Name

Well, the voting closed last Thursday and while no new name suggestion garnered a majority of the votes, the “winner” was THE LAST SUPPER LLC. Second and third places went to Snarky and Dell-Rejects-R-Us respectively. We’ll see if the fine folks at Dell/WPP take our suggestion…

Project Da Vinci Renaming Contest

It’s been pointed out to me that the folks at WPP/Dell’s Project Da Vinci have not yet made the final decision to rename themselves Synachy Worldwide just yet. I see this as a great opportunity for us to give them some better ideas. Come on, is Synachy really the best they could come up with?… Continue reading Project Da Vinci Renaming Contest

Da Vinci Now Synarchy Worldwide

From AdAge: “The new WPP Group agency designed to handle Dell’s marketing-services business is expected to be named Synarchy Worldwide, a reference to a utopian political system coined in the 18th century.” WPP Settles on Name for Dell Shop: Synarchy Worldwide From Wikipedia: “Synarchism (from Greek words meaning “to rule together” or “harmonious rule”) is… Continue reading Da Vinci Now Synarchy Worldwide