Ad Agency Springbox’s Secret Handshake

While at a lunch meeting today, I was lucky enough to witness three Springbox (Austin-based interactive advertising agency) employees as they greeted each other using their secret handshake. That’s right, their secret handshake was the “punch-it-out”, which is usually only seen in Nascar and bass-fishing circles. I expected more from these interactive gurus, but I… Continue reading Ad Agency Springbox’s Secret Handshake

Spring(box) Fling

I attended the Springbox 4th anniversary party last night. Springbox was founded by two ex-T3/Dell guys, Adam Moore and Dan Isaacs, and was recently bought-out by New York-based Viewpoint. I had a good time chatting it up with one of the newest Springboxer Myles Rose, Springbox recruiter Amy Holt, and Springbox client R. Scott Harris… Continue reading Spring(box) Fling