It’s Not Bazaar to Learn from Your Mistakes

“Ten years ago, Brett Hurt was an entrepreneur on the edge of failure. Coremetrics Inc., the San Francisco Web analytics company he started in 1999, was an industry trailblazer during the dot-com boom. But when the Internet bubble burst, so did Coremetrics’ business. Eighty of its 83 Web customers folded. Coremetrics laid off half its… Continue reading It’s Not Bazaar to Learn from Your Mistakes

Bang a Gong…Get It On

As you may or may not know, Bazaarvoice bangs a gong to celebrate achievements. Promotions, new hires, accomplishments, and new client signings (Client is typically not present) all get their own gong banging. Here’s a cool story about a recent gonging: Reaches Out to Bazaarvoice