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Torchy’s Secret Menu mmmm Tacos

It’s no secret that the Gilbreaths are fond of Torchy’s Tacos. There is one but a few moments from our house so we hit it up for take-out at least twice a week.

The tacos of the month are usually pretty tasty, but they come and go like the changing moon.

Recently, I heard about a “secret menu” and salivated at the thought of a new set of tacos to try. I Googled “torchy’s secret menu” and easily found the list. The story, as told by the search results, is that Torchy’s revealed the secret menu via some tumbler posts. The posts were quickly taken down. Someone copy and pasted each item so that the list could live on. Here’s the list shown in order of my preference:

Trailer Park Hillbilly Style: Torchy’s gauche standby is made even trashier with chorizo and chopped bacon atop the usual fried chicken tender with green chilies, queso and ranch, served on a flour tortilla.

Ace of Spades: Jalapeno sausage link and grilled brisket topped with a fried egg, green chile queso, cotija cheese, sour cream, more cheese and Diablo sauce, served on a flour tortilla

The Hipster: panko-breaded fried tuna, with bacon, green chilies, and black beans; topped with cilantro and cotija cheese, and served on a flour tortilla with avocado sauce.

The Matador: Chopped brisket and grilled jalapeno topped with pickled onions, jack cheese, avocado, sour cream and cilantro with tomatillo sauce on a corn tortilla.

Jack of Clubs: fried egg and grilled potatoes with black beans, tortilla strips and cheese; all topped with cilantro, sour cream and Torchy’s Diablo sauce.

Missionary-Style Green Chili Pork: carnitas, pickled onions, guacamole, jack cheese and cilantro, topped with chipotle sauce and wrapped in a flour and corn two-tortilla tandem.

The Mad Cow: skirt steak with black beans and corn; topped with jack cheese, cilantro and ranch.

Thanks to KUT for preserving and sharing the list.

30 days without a post – Time to get personal

OK, so I went 30 days between my last two posts. I’m sure I’ve done a post or two like this in the past, but again it’s my blog and I can post what I want to.

I’ve been busy. I run marketing for Calendars.com. As I hope you can imagine, the last several months are slightly busy in the calendar business. My team had a hell of a year breaking nearly every record they could and busting through almost every challenge they faced. I’m excited about the coming year.

Directing marketing for “the largest selection of calendars in the known universe” and getting pumped about the year is really a very minor part of what’s been going on with my family. I’m also doing what a husband can do when his wife is expecting. Let’s face it, that basically means I try to be as helpful as I can and not pretend that I have any idea what my wife is going through. Seriously, this is baby number three for us and, from my perspective, it has been the toughest. Chasing the two other little ones around while your mid-section grows a bit more each day can not be easy at all. It feels almost pointless to say thanks to Sarah or actually to even ask how she is feeling. (Thank you Sarah – I’m glad that you are getting in a nap as I type this up.)

The due date is now within view and I think it makes it even harder. The anticipation of the day, the pain, and the pleasure of an ending that marks the beginning of something so incredible. Like many things in life, it really seems to build-up as “the end” gets ever closer, but this is one of the most unique and unlike anything else in life moments.

I said that I was excited about the coming year regarding Calendars.com. I am beyond ecstatic about the coming year at home. As the family is nearly grown by one, I look forward to all the changes and new things we will experience together.

Happy New Year!

JOB – Account Manager – Online Community – Austin

From Small World Labs – be sure to tell them you heard about this opportunity from Robert Gilbreath @ Adomatica ->

Account Manager – Online Community

Do you love social media and online communities? Do you love learning new products? Do people tell you that you’re TOO detail-oriented? Do you love communicating with people? Do you love working in a flexible environment with unlimited opportunities for growth and commensurate demands on you? Do you love having to figure new things out, codifying them into a structured plan, and then executing that plan? Have you run your own blog? If so, we have the perfect job for you!

The Account Manager – Community serves as a member of the Small World Lab’s Community Team and reports to the Vice President of Community. This role serves as the account and engagement manager for clients using Small World Labs’ online community platform. The Community Account Manager helps our customers effectively deploy, operate, and promote their online community so that it achieves their organization’s goals. The Community Account Manager is responsible for each assigned customer’s satisfaction with Small World Labs as well as with their community.


* Communicate effectively and develop strong relationships with clients
* Understand and communicate clients’ organizational and online community goals. Make strategy, marketing, messaging, social media and community platform configuration recommendations based on these goals. Implement these recommendations
* Assist with ongoing community engagement activities, such as multi-channel and social media promotion, content editing and development, creating new community areas and driving participation, and measuring results
* Become an expert with our online community platform
* Manage, clarify, verify, and prioritize reported client issues for the Small World Labs support team. Stay on top of issues to make sure they are resolved. Learn to fix easy ones yourself. Pull together resources, to resolve complex issues and keep clients delighted with us and our service
* Clarify product capabilities and conduct client training so they understand the full capability of our platform
* Assist with the implementing new clients, with multiple clients at once, from initial community goals, schedules, and strategies to the configuration of our platform
* Manage projects, including project schedules, pace, input sessions, and milestones Coordinate with clients and 3rd party teams, and lead status meetings with a high attention to details
* Identify opportunities for services and revenue-generating solutions for our clients, keeping a focus on billable work


* A very strong interest and experience in social media, online community, and collaboration solutions
* Possess exceptional communication (written and verbal), critical thinking and analytical skills, with a VERY service-oriented and positive attitude
* Have exceptional time and priority management skills, for yourself and others in the company and with partner’s and client’s organizations
* Be achievement-oriented and motivated to provide superior customer service
* Have knowledge of or an eagerness to learn basic image, HTML, and CSS editing
* Be able to manage multiple initiatives and responsibilities at one time
* Manage and productively cultivate professional relationships across geographic distances
* Author and assemble PowerPoint’s slide decks, word documents, excel spreadsheets
* Create agendas and run meetings effectively
* Have strong logical reasoning skills and the ability to sort through data to draw rational conclusions and advocate for a position
* Be able to promote a strong atmosphere of trust both within Small World Labs and among its clients and partners
* Experience working with non-profits or associations a plus
* Be fluent and proficient in English


* Undergraduate degree required; MBA or graduate degree a plus
* Minimum years of experience: 4 years of software consulting, marketing/advertising agency, or active community management experience

Interested parties, please email your resume to jobs@smallworldlabs.com with the subject line “Community Account Manager” (and tell them you heard about the opportunity from Robert Gilbreath @ Adomatica).

Small World Labs is an experienced provider of an Online Community Platform and Community Engagement Program that enable organizations to connect with their constituents in new ways. We help organizations understand how to engage with members to drive loyalty, create opportunities, ignite conversations, distribute knowledge, and share experiences.