Wednesday’s Work Whereabouts #9

On (some) Wednesdays I post a few online marketing, advertising, creative jobs. Your end of the deal:Job seekers: If you apply to one of my posted jobs, please tell them you heard about the job at Posters: If you have any openings you would like for me to post, please send them my way.… Continue reading Wednesday’s Work Whereabouts #9

Interview Hints from Bazaarvoice CMO

Sam Decker, CMO at user generated content powerhouse Bazaarvoice, recently posted “The 5 Stars of a “Rockstar” Employee” on his marketing-centric blog. The intention of the post is to help those interviewing possible new hires, but is is just as much a hint-list of possible questions one might be asked when interviewing for a position… Continue reading Interview Hints from Bazaarvoice CMO