GSD&M Gets a Good Call…Really!

GSD&M, who lost a majority portion of AT&T business last year got a good call this week. They have been tapped to do marketing and advertising for AT&T 411 and 1-800-YELLOWPAGES. From that Austin Business Journal article on the win: ~”We’ve had a long, successful relationship with AT&T,” says Duff Stewart, president and chief operating… Continue reading GSD&M Gets a Good Call…Really!

Happy Anniversary GSD&M

GSD&M Idea City is celebrating its one year anniversary of losing Wal-mart as a client by announcing that it has lost the AT&T account. The festivities are all the more festive as GSD&M-ers reminisce on a year that also includes the losing of the Chili’s Bar and Grill and Tostitos accounts as well as the… Continue reading Happy Anniversary GSD&M