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The Egos to Determine Top Agency Through Ping Pong – Agency Spy June 9th, 2009 – the last day Enfatico updated their blog – Tribble AgencyLondon biz world not so tough to impress – Ad Freak

Agency Spy Interviews WPP’s Sir Martin Sorrell

Agency Spy – “A few weeks ago, we asked you to tell us what you would ask WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell if given the chance. Well, 54 of you submitted questions that covered it all. And as much as we’d like to ask him all 54, we narrowed it down to 10.” Click here… Continue reading Agency Spy Interviews WPP’s Sir Martin Sorrell

Who’s Your Daddy?

Well, I guess my announcement that The Eagle Has Landed got someone excited (other then me) and I’m please to announce a new spy that we expect to get some great news from: Baby Daddy Daddy, for short, is an ad agency veteran who promises to spill the beans to us while never neglecting the… Continue reading Who’s Your Daddy?